Adopt a Puppy

Here you can learn how to get your very own Posh Doodle's puppy!

Steps on how to adopt a Posh Doodle's puppy are below!!


I no longer taking deposits for puppies before they are born! I care more about quality than quantity, and do not want to breed more puppies than I think is acceptable just to keep up with high demands from deposits. There is a wait for a Posh Doodle's puppy, and any breeder that has quality puppies should always have a wait!


I still get well over 50 messages daily for puppy inquiries after changing this process. I want to be able to focus my undivided attention on the families currently adopting a puppy from me, past families who have adopted Posh Doodle's puppies, and most importantly focus more time on my little pups!


I will no longer respond to messages about availability for puppies unless I have puppies available. I will also not respond to messages about upcoming litters, those are listed on my website HERE.

I will be announcing litters as they are born on Instagram! I will also open litters for reservation to the public on Instagram when the puppies are 5 to 6 weeks of age. Follow me on Instagram @poshdoodles and turn on notifications to be the first to know when they're born and listed available!

At this time with so many border shutdowns and difficulty bringing puppies across borders, I can only have puppies adopted in the United States. I wish I could have my puppies worldwide!



$5000-$6500, depending on size and color/markings.



1.  Follow us on Instagram for updates.

Follow us on Instagram @poshdoodles. You can also turn on story and post notifications for our page by clicking the bell at the top right corner, so you can be first to know when litters are born or available puppies are posted! Puppies when posted usually get adopted within a few minutes of posting.

2.  Reserve your puppy.

Adoption is a two day prices!! The first day the post will have the caption:


I will post available puppies on an Instagram post on my page when they are 5 to 6 weeks old. I will also include the puppy info for the available puppies and the go home date (you must be able to get your puppy by the go home date!)

The following day, I will make a second post with the caption:


The first family to comment "Adopted" will get the puppy. If there is more than one puppy available, the 1st family to comment "ADOPTED" gets first choice in the litter, 2nd gets second choice in the litter, etc. This way everyone can see who is first, second, etc., instead of me getting 30 message responses to a story. Again, you must be following to be qualified for a puppy. If you are one of the top commenters but you don't want one of the puppies that are available then you will pass and I will move to the next commenter on the list.

THERE IS A LOT OF CONFUSION AS TO WHO COMMENTS FIRST! I will post a screenshot of the first commenters on my stories. I am fair and do not skip anyone, and go in the exact order of the comment postings. You cannot sort and see comments by order of posting like I can!

3.  Pay the FULL AMOUNT to reserve your puppy.

I will contact the first families to comment by Instagram message. I will also send you a friend request and you must accept it to get one of my puppies, I like to see the families my puppies are going to and make sure they are a good home and good fit.


After this I will messaged you to see which puppy you choose, then send you the info on how to make the full payment for your puppy. The full payment shows me you have SERIOUS INTENT to bring your puppy home and takes away opportunities for other families hoping to get a Posh Doodle's puppy. Payments DO NOT roll over to any other litter, are ONLY valid for the puppy you chose, and are NON REFUNDABLE. I accept payments via Venmo, CC/DC, and PayPal Friends & Family. If you have a Venmo limit, I will need the remaining amount via PayPal or CC/DC. CC/DC have additional fees.

4.  Get prepared for your puppy!

You will get a message from me once I have received your payment that will let you know everything to expect for the next couple weeks until your baby comes home. I'll send you info about go home date pick up/travel, food your puppy is eating, things you will need to get your puppy, health insurance, and more!

5.  Time for your puppy to come home!

Puppies go home dewormed multiple times and having had their first set of puppy shots. You can pick up from us in Utah, we can meet you at the airport if you plan to fly in, or you can use our puppy nanny service ($500-600).

6. Enjoy life with your new best friend!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 

Please take note that I have the right to refuse a puppy to ANYONE that I do not see fit to have one of our puppies for any reason and at any time before your puppy goes home.

I do still have a few deposits from my old waiting list I used to do from late 2019 that will be finished hopefully very soon. If not all of the puppies from a litter are posted available, this is why! I plan for all deposit families to be off the list by the end January. Please also note that the adoption process may change in the future once deposit families have all received their puppies. Adoption fees may also change in the future.

If you are a past Posh Doodle's family with one of our puppies, just message or text me if you would like another and you will get priority picking for any litters before they are posted on Instagram as available. I love when families have two or more Posh puppies!!


Please contact me by message on Instagram: @poshdoodles

Read our Contact page for more info.

Thank you!

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