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Our dogs live freely with us in our homes, so you won't find any kennels here. We only have a small number of dogs and almost never have more than one litter at a time. This is for us to give each puppy all the love, attention, and socialization they need and deserve and helps them to become the best family pets they can be.

Each our mamas only has a max of 4 litters so they can retire early and enjoy their lives with their forever families. Each dog live with their own amazing Guardian Family as loved family members. We want all of our dogs to have as much space and freedom as they want. They enjoy going on walks, swimming in lakes, camping, traveling, and much more with their families. You will always find them curled up on the couch or in bed with us!


Each one of our puppies comes with a LIFETIME Health Guarantee that covers 150 genetic diseases! A puppy's health guarantee should not be based on the type of food or vitamins a puppy is fed! We do not make you buy a specific food or health supplements to have this guarantee like many other breeders do. This includes foods and supplements: including Life's Abundance, PawTree, NuVet, and more companies which are MLMs, and make other breeders extra money each and every month you buy this food. Please be wary of these breeders that promote these companies.

Expert from an email from one of these MLMs that contacted ME: "... I work with many well known Doodle breeders whom love [name removed] and add $10k+ to their annual revenue.  Once they start they always wish they had done so sooner.  ... "


This is only one example of the many emails I have received from these MLM companies. We don't breed and raise our puppies for profit or try to make an extra buck off of our families every month, we do it because we love it! To see the diseases we have a lifetime guarantee against, click here.



We take what we do seriously and are very intentional in the way we raise our puppies. ​Each litter of puppies grows up in a nursery in our living room. This exposes them to every day family living and the noises and sounds that are associated with that, as well as frequent contact with us. Every puppy also receives one-on-one socialization and training from the day they are born until they day they leave our home. We also use the Early Neurological Stimulation protocol which has been proven to give puppies a greater resistance to stress and disease, stronger heart rates and stronger heart beats, along with a stronger adrenal system!


In this way, we succeed in raising incredibly lovable Doodles with the most calm temperaments and sweetest behavior - always ready to cuddle with you! The puppies spend their days playing in the house, socializing with adults and children, and exploring outside. We also start potty training early, teaching them to use potty pads at just 3 weeks of age!



We are located in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah, but we can deliver to other states in the US with a puppy nanny! Puppy nannies fly with our puppies in the cabin of the airplane, and are with them every step of the way. We work very hard to ensure our puppies' confidence, adaptability, and easygoing natures and would hate to break that trust and confidence that our puppies have gained in the first 8 weeks of their lives. Because of this, we do not ship cargo underneath an airplane like most other breeders do - but as you can see, almost all of our families come to us from a great distance. We have many puppies in New York, Florida, California, New Jersey, Nevada, Texas, Illinois, and other states!


New pet-parents pick up their puppies by making a family road trip to our home, flying to our local airport SLC (Salt Lake City) to bring their puppies home via carry-on themselves, or we hire a reputable puppy nanny to do so for them. We NEVER ship puppies in cargo like other breeders! Whichever way you choose, we are very experienced in helping our babies travel to their new homes, and will be happy to work with you in any way we can.