Partner Program

Learn how the Partner Program works & how to become a part of the Posh Doodles program!


Upcoming Partner Opportunities

In SLC area of Utah:

Bountiful to Orem area

•  Possibly 1 to 2 Teacup Goldendoodle females

In South-East Florida:

Jupiter to Miami area

•  3 to 4 Teacup Goldendoodle females

•  1 to 2 Teacup Goldendoodle males

•  Possibly 1 to 2 Mini Goldendoodles

(Pictured: Nala with her Partner family)


What is the Partner Program?

Here at Posh Doodles, I only want the best life for my parent dogs and puppies. I think every dog should have the individual attention and care that they can only receive from a family environment. To ensure this, I offer a Partner Program where qualified families can love and care for one of my parent dogs.

I am committed to raising our parent dogs, as well as their puppies, in private home settings with families, as opposed to making them live their lives in kennels. I don't care how other breeders deem it "okay" to breed in a kennel setting, I will NEVER will think that a kennel setting is a good way for dogs or puppies to grow up in or live their lives!! The Partner Program allows me to grow the Posh Doodles' program without sacrificing the quality of care each dog and puppy deserves.

(Pictured: Milly with the kids in her Partner Family)

Partner Requirements

Partner families must:

•  Own a home with a fenced yard.

•  Have previous experience with owning a dog, or have adequate knowledge on caring for a dog.

•  Provide the dog with proper health care, grooming, nutrition, exercise, training, and socialization.

•  Be willing and available to drive the Partner dog for breeding related appointments.

•  Sign a contract that outlines that tells exactly what the terms of the Partner agreement are for both the Partner family and myself.


Partner families are expected to care for their Partner dog physically and financially. I cover all costs associated to breeding, while the Partner helps raise their Partner dog's litters in their home under my supervision and gets compensated to do so.

(Pictured: Retired Rose with her Partner mama)


Benefits of the Partner Program

The Partner Program is the best option for everyone involved:

•  Our parent dogs get to spend their life with a loving family, not in a kennel, and get to retire with their forever family.

•  You get one of our amazing dogs at a fraction of the price, and are compensated for being in the Program.

•  Last but not least, I get to expand the Posh Doodles' program in an ethical, loving way.  This allows me to provide more wonderful families with one of these amazing puppies, without sacrificing the quality time and care that each parent dog and puppy needs and deserves to become properly socialized, loving, happy, healthy adults! 

Other benefits:

•  You receive a pick of the litter puppy for a fraction of what you would pay to adopt one into to a pet home, without the stress of commenting on Instagram to get one! 

•  Female Partner dogs get to stay with their Partner family while whelping. You are not separated from your dog for two to four months per YEAR as every other breeder with a Guardian Program does to their dog's families. Separating for months at a time is the worst case scenario for both the dog and their family.

•  Partners that whelp their female dog's puppies are compensated for each puppy in each litter that they have (up to 4 litters per female). Partners of male dogs are also compensated per puppy that their dog produces.

(Pictured: Reed with his Partner sister)


If you live in the area of South-Florida I listed above and are interested in learning more about the Partner Program, please send me a message on Instagram and I will answer any questions that you have! Please do not reach out if you do not or are not willing to meet the requirements of being a Partner family. I already have homes lined up for my Utah puppies.