So, what exactly IS a Posh Doodle?

Posh Doodles are what sets our program apart! They are our own exclusive new breed, and you can only find them here at Posh Doodles.


This breed has taken many years to perfect, making them one of the biggest things that sets us apart from other breeders. Posh Doodles are a careful mix of two or more Doodle breeds, bred to create the most amazing sweet and loving temperaments, most hypoallergenic and non-shedding coats, and extreme health and hybrid vigor. Breeds we include in our Posh Doodles are mostly Goldendoodles, Aussiedoodles, Australian Labradoodles, and Maltipoos.

Posh Doodle's come in Teacup, Mini, and Medium/Standard sizes. They are beautiful low to non-shedding dogs that come in a variety of colors and markings, and have the best temperaments, making them great around kids and other pets. There is a perfect Posh Doodle for everyone!

What makes Posh Doodles special?

Almost all Posh Doodle's puppies have at least two generations of parents that were kept back from our VERY OWN highly celebrated program. Many of our puppies lines even go back over four or five generations; we have owned some of our puppy's great-great-grandparents!

Each puppy comes with our LIFETIME guarantee that covers all the diseases that Paw Print Genetics testing covers for the breed specific issues. Each puppy is from our health tested lineage. 


Our focus is on breeding Teacup and Mini Posh Doodles.

  • Teacup: 4 to 16 lbs

  • Mini: 17 to 35 pounds

  • Medium/Standard: 36 to 60 pounds


  • Fleece (Wavy)

  • Curly

Posh Doodles come in both fleece and curly coat types. We do not breed for Flat coats (the dogs you see that look like Retrievers). 


Wavy coat; soft texture and flowing hair; furnished.


Curly coat; dense and ringlet cords; furnished.


Posh Doodles come in almost every color! We have had Red, Champagne, Cream, Caramel, Chocolate, Black/Silver, Tri/Phantom, Blue Merle, Red Merle, & Merle Tri/Phantom puppies in the past.


Rich dark red color; Black points.


Golden color between Red and Champagne; Black points.


Cream to white color, lighter than Apricot; Black Points.


A Red, Champagne, or Cream dog; Brown points.


A brown dog; Brown points.

(This dog is also Parti)


A black dog; Black points. Can have silver highlights.

Merle Tri/Phantom.

A blue or red merle dog with tri/phantom markings.


A dog with copper colored markings on the eyebrows, cheeks, & legs. (Tri has white)

Blue Merle.

A grey dog with black spotting; Black points; Blue eyes are common.

Red Merle.

A light brown dog with darker brown spotting; Brown points; Blue eyes are common.


Posh Doodles come in every marking variations possible! We have Solid, Abstract, Tuxedo, & Parti Markings available on our puppies.


No white coloring on the body; 0-5% white.


A small amount of white on the body, usually on the chest, toes, or forehead; 6-15% white.


A good amount of white on the body, usually on the chest, toes forehead, & feet; 16-40% white.


A white dog with colored spots. 41-95% white.


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