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Our puppies are most often reserved before they are even born by our waiting list families! Our Upcoming Litters listed on the website have all been reserved by a waiting list that was for each litter. However, we do have some overlap as all families are on more than one litter's waiting list!


Starting now, we will be taking deposits for ONE waiting list, for future puppies born after the litters listed on the Upcoming Litters page. This Waiting List will also get first pick of any puppies remaining from a litter listed on the Upcoming Litters page that are available after families have made their picks.

We are currently taking deposits to be added to the new waiting list! Please read below on how to get on this Waiting List!

I understand that Posh Doodles does their best to make litter plans in advance, but know it is possible for litter information to change. I also understand that Posh Doodles cannot guarantee the number of puppies or genders that are born in the litter. I understand that Posh Doodles cannot guarantee adult color, size, coat type, or hypoallergenic/non-shedding quality, but gives educated estimates.
I understand all deposits and payments to Posh Doodles are considered retainers and non-refundable under any circumstances. I also understand that the full adoption amount is due when I pick my puppy around 3 weeks of age. Do NOT reserve a puppy unless you are ready to take your puppy home on the designated dates.

How to get on the waiting list for your Posh Doodle's puppy

  1. Submit the application (below). This lets us know what you are looking for in your puppy and a little more about you.

  2. Place a non-refundable $250 deposit to secure a spot on the future puppy waiting list.  Your deposit will go towards the final cost of your puppy. We accept deposits via Venmo, PayPal, and Cash App. Your deposit is valid for 3 years.

  3. Puppy selection for each litter is based on the waiting list and the order deposits were received. We will contact families on the waiting list to see if they would like to pick a puppy from the current litter, or wait for a future litter.

  4. Remaining balance for your puppy is due at the time of puppy selection when the puppies are three to four weeks old. We will send you pictures and video of each available puppy in the litter for you to choose your puppy! Each family has 24 hours (no exceptions) to make their decision before I go onto to the next person in line. In most cases, families already know which puppy they will choose when Puppy Picking starts and have a good idea who they will choose if the puppy they had hoped for gets picked prior to their turn.




Please keep in mind, sometimes mama's do not have as many puppies as we were expecting, heat cycles take longer than we thought to start, and our mama's are just like anyone of us and they can and will miss their heat cycles sometimes. It is frustrating for everyone involved, including us.

If you have further questions about our new waiting list works, please contact us!



After reviewing your application, we will email you with the deposit agreement and let you know the ways you can make your deposit!