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See what past families are saying about us. If you are a part of the Posh Doodle's family and would like for me to add your review, please email or text me!

New York


After having Cooper for a month, I can easily say that he hasn’t just stolen ours, but also all of our neighbors hearts. He is without a doubt the cutest dog I’ve ever seen, and yes you’re right, I might be biased but it has to mean something that the whole building is obsessed with him too? 


We decided on getting a doodle late last year (2018). We did a lot of research and several sources recommended poshdoodles. Since we wanted to make sure we picked the right breeder for us, we did a lot more research, but somehow we always ended up back at poshdoodles. 

As the name might tell you, these are not regular doodles. They’re on another level. Tiffany knows EXACTLY what she is doing when breeding these guys and the result (from what I’ve seen) is always supermodel puppies with adorable personalities.

When we had picked the litter we wanted, Tiffany was so helpful, available, and understanding during the whole journey. She would send us photos of the parents on a weekly basis (sometimes daily) and would constantly give us status updates. I had a billion questions (because I’m annoying like that) and she never made me feel weird about it, instead she was super educational and helpful. It made us feel so good and safe about the whole process. 

Once the babies were born, she would continue with the regular updates, to give us a feeling of their personalities before picking day. It made it so easy for us to know exactly which pup was meant for us. 

Today, I can’t imagine a life without our little furry son, he’s the first thing on my mind when I wake up and last thing before I fall asleep. He’s only 3 months but so incredibly smart and obedient, so excited to learn and make us happy. 

If you are thinking about getting a doodle, do yourself a favor and stop looking around for your perfect breeder. This is the place.

Rusty T.


I’ve always liked dogs but have never been a huge crazy obsessed dog lover. But when the very real “empty nest syndrome” hit I decided I needed a new “baby” in my life.  Goldendoodles have always caught my eye but I didn’t want a big dog, so imagine my delight when I figured out they have Mini and Teacup doodles, and by the grace of God I found Posh Doodles and Tiffany! I secured my spot on a long waiting list in March and didn’t expect a puppy until December. In August I received an email from Tiff saying a few people passed on her new litter and I was next! She sent me pics of the available puppies, and after laying eyes on my angel it was a no brainer!️

When I brought Rusty T home, I was a little nervous about him crying all night in his crate for weeks and him struggling with potty training. Well, to my surprise, he absolutely loved his crate and didn’t whine one bit, ever! And he was house broke within a few weeks, and had very few accidents. After hearing other people’s puppy horror stories I knew I had been blessed with such a special dog and I contribute that all to Tiff!!

I can’t say enough about her and the puppies she breeds. She is a true professional that treats you as a team member vs just a customer. If you’re considering a new “baby” in your life, don’t look any further, Posh Doodles hands down is the very best! Trust the process, I promise you’re in good hands!

And as our two year anniversary is quickly approaching, I’m proud to announce I’m now that huge crazy obsessed dog lover and a Posh Doodle’s “team member” for life!



I cannot say enough amazing things about Posh Doodles. Tiffany went above and beyond to answer all of my questions and even took the time to send me extra videos every time I asked. Even being busy with her own family, she still always promptly responded to any questions I had. Finn has been the absolute best addition to our family. From night one he has slept through the night, in his crate without a peep! I was totally preparing myself to go through that “newborn” stage of having a puppy, but was totally shocked when that didn’t happen. He has done amazing with potty training and is learning new commands daily. It is very evident that Tiffany puts extra time, effort and dedication into each of her puppies to help them have a smooth transition into their new homes.



My whole family came over and they are all obsessed with Mabel! She has been soooo good! I’m seriously so impressed with her so far. No potty accidents, no nipping and tons of cuddling and playing! The perfect dog for us!


unnamed (3).jpg

Hey Tiffany! Here's a testimonial for you to put on your website:

After spending several months researching Goldendoodle breeders, I kept coming back to the same answer, “Posh Doodles”. Once I decided that we definitely wanted a baby, I contacted Tiffany and she was so patient with me. She answered every question that I had, sent me constant updates about upcoming litters, and even sent me photos and videos of our baby after selection day. She went above and beyond for me as a customer. Not only does Tiffany produce beautiful, healthy puppies but she provides impeccable service. I am a customer for life! Once you decide to purchase, trust the process. It is best for everyone involved, especially your new baby!! 


Hey girl! It’s been a bit since we have talked. I hope all is well with you. I have thought about you several times over the last couple of weeks. I have heard about 3 different families who purchased “mini” golden doodles (or so they were told) and their dogs are now over 65lbs!!  I just wanted to reiterate again how thankful we are for Cash. He is an absolute joy, all 15lbs of him. He is perfect in every way!! He is the perfect size and has the cutest curly coat ever!!! He has been joining me on real estate appointments and football games on Friday nights. Everyone wants him! Lol! He has such a good, docile personality that we are going to make him a therapy pet! He LOVES to give hugs! I just wanted to give you an update on him. We can’t thank you enough!  

New York


Hi Tiffany!


I have been meaning to text you since the minute Poppy arrived home! I can’t begin to tell you what a perfect puppy she is. Not only is she the cutest puppy in NYC (people constantly ask us where we got her), but she is also incredibly well behaved. We take her to dinner, shopping, work, the park, and many more places and she always knows exactly how to behave. She is so relaxed and just a bundle of love.


I can’t thank you enough for preparing Poppy to be the best pup in the world! I know you see her all over Instagram, but just wanted to personally share with you how much we love her.


We can’t thank you enough!  



Tiffany, oh my gosh!  He’s perfect!  And boy, does he love to play tug of war!

He slept through the night and was ready to eat this am. He’s got a great start on potty training (thank you) and figured out that the grass is where he should go. 

Thank you for breeding this perfect pup️️!!

BTW... I feel like a new mom all over again!

Phoebe & Joey.

unnamed (5).jpg

Hello Tiffany!


I thought I'd share this pic with you of the puppies snuggling after playing in the snow this morning. They are doing so well and are extremely loved, not only by us, but by our neighbors, families, friends and even strangers that happen upon them. I've been giving out your website like crazy!


We’ve had Phoebe and Joey for almost a year now and I can’t imagine life without them! They bring so much joy and comfort to our family. Everyone thought we were crazy when we brought two puppies home and now we have a lineup of people begging to puppy sit for us.  They were both easy to potty train and both are so smart and obey commands. Joey even puts himself to bed at 9 every night.


Thank you so much for breeding such amazing dogs!



Omg honestly Benji is the best dog ever! He didn’t have any accidents last night and slept on his crate like a boss!! He loves HIS NAPs and he also very cuddly and playful! Thank you so much Tiffany!!



Hi Tiffany!


I just wanted to check in & let you know we are madly in love with Ollie! He is so smart, playful & cuddly, perfect for our family with two young children. He is also so calm - everyone comments on it, even his vet! I'm asked everywhere I go with him what type of breed he is & I refer you - you breed some great dogs! 😊 Here are some recent pics.

New York

unnamed (2).jpg

I cannot begin to tell you what joy Kazoo has brought into our lives. He is the BEST puppy ever. First of all, he’s a total kid magnet. By ‘kid’ I’m referring to my grown children, nieces and nephews and all their friends who’ve been hanging around making a fuss over him. Yeah, I feed them too, but it’s quite clear that Kazoo is the main attraction . Second, he’s been incredibly easy to train. By day 2 he had mastered ‘sit’ and at this point (day 4) he’s got several other commands down or well on the way and he’s walking beautifully on a leash. That’s more than I ever accomplished with my last dog in 7 years. And third, he is simply worming his way into our hearts with his antics and his loving, sweet demeanor. I’m so happy this all worked out and so grateful to you for making it possible!


Hi Tiffany!


I just wanted to do a quick follow up and let you know how much we love our little guy! He is the best dog I've ever had. His potty training is going fantastic, he's playful when you want him to be, but also calm and cuddly. We are so in love! You breed some amazing puppies.

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