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Please only contact me by message on Instagram: @poshdoodles


Please note that I will not respond to messages unless I have currently available puppies, which I will post at the top of my Instagram bio. 

I get well over 50 messages daily about questions that have been answered on my website. I have a young family and my dog family that I put first and foremost, and I want to spend as much time with them as possible with. I cannot spend hours a day responding to these messages that are clearly answered on my website. Please read the website for any questions you may have, including:

 • If we have available puppies

 • Where we are located

 • How to adopt a puppy (waiting list)

 • Our prices

 • Our upcoming litters


...and other Frequently Asked Questions!! I will not respond to messages that ask any questions answered on this website. Thanks for your understanding!


Please contact me by message on Instagram: @poshdoodles

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