Goldendoodle FAQS

Learn more aboout the Goldendoodle breed!

What size do Goldendoodles come in?

Goldendoodles can come in Teacup, Miniature, and Medium/Standard sizes.


At Posh Doodles, we only breed Teacup and Miniature sizes. Our Teacup puppies are mature at 4 to 16 pounds full grown, the smallest size Goldendoodles can come in. Our Minis are mature at 16 to 30 pounds full grown, the second smallest size.


4-16 lbs


16-30 lbs


30 lbs +

What coat types can Goldendoodles have?

Goldendoodles can have either Curly, Fleece, or Flat coats. Below are photo examples and explanations of the coat types.

WOOL, also known as Curly. Hair grows in ringlets, similar to a Poodle coat.

FLEECE, also known as Wavy. Hair grows in soft waves.

FLAT, also known as Improper Coat. Hair is high shedding, and the dog looks like a Golden Retriever. This is caused by a lack of the Furnishing genes (explained below), giving them no long hair on the face and legs.

Responsible breeders do not breed for this coat type, and will test their dogs to avoid producing them!

What colors and markings do Goldendoodles come in?

Most Goldendoodles are on the red spectrum of color (red to cream). Goldendoodles can also have white markings, called Parti (white with colored spots) or Tuxedo/Abstract (colored with with white markings). Here are examples of color and markings.






What generations do Goldendoodles come in?

At Posh Doodles, we only breed Multi-Generational (MultiGen) Goldendoodles!

  • MultiGen (Multi-Generational)
    A MultiGen Goldendoodle is the result of breeding a MultiGen Goldendoodle to another Goldendoodle. Our MultiGen Goldendoodle puppies are all non-shedding and hypoallergenic.

    All of Posh Doodle's breedings have at least one MultiGen Goldendoodle parent, and most are MultiGen to MultiGen. MultiGen Goldendoodles are the best generation for allergy sufferers, since we can accurately trace the lineage and non-shedding qualities of our puppies' parents and grandparents.

    Many puppies in our program are second, third, or even fourth generation Posh Doodle's, meaning we owned their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

  • F1 (First Generation)
    An F1 Goldendoodle is a Poodle crossed with a Golden Retriever.

    F1’s are moderate to low-shedding puppies, and all puppies in the litter will have wavy coats. This generation can be good for those with mild allergies. If you have moderate to severe allergies, I recommend going to an F1b or MultiGen.

  • F1b (First Gen. Backcross)
    An F1b Doodle is an F1 Goldendoodle bred to a Poodle.

    F1b’s are more non-shedding than the F1 Goldendoodles. Half of the puppies will be curly and half wavy. This generation is suitable for those with moderate to severe allergies.​

  • F2 (Second Generation)
    An F2 Doodle is an F1 Goldendoodle bred to another F1 Goldendoodle. These are NOT recommended!!

    Responsible breeders do not breed this generation, and for good reason! In litters of F2 Doodles, 25% of the puppies will have Flat coats (explained above). Flat coats are high shedding and look like Golden Retrievers. Since they shed highly they are bad for allergy sufferers.
    Some of our puppies are Australian Goldendoodles or Golden-Cavadoodles, but have the same great qualities as Goldendoodles like non-shedding, hypoallergenic, temperament, and looks! It just brings some healthy new bloodlines into our puppies.

Do Goldendoodles make good family pets?

Yes, absolutely! In general, these intelligent dogs make excellent companions and respond beautifully to training. Goldendoodles are happy and have amazing dispositions, are happy-natured, and even-tempered. We socialize our puppies with children before they go home with you.

What are furnishings?

Sooo many breeders do not even know what this gene is, even though it is an integral part of any Goldendoodle program! If you ask a breeder what Furnishings are and they do not know what it is, run in the other direction! Breeders that do not know about this gene are the ones that breed puppies that look more like Golden Retrievers than Goldendoodles (AKA a "Flat" coated puppy). These are the Goldendoodles that shed terribly and don't have that signature "Doodle" face and look.


In Goldendoodles, the IC-Locus (furnishings) determine if a Goldendoodle will be able to have puppies with fluffy 'teddy-bear' faces. The "F" gene is the furnishing gene, and the "IC" gene is the improper coat gene. A good example of a fully furnished (F/F) dog would be a Poodle. A good example of an improper coat (IC/IC) dog is a Golden Retriever. A good example of a carrier for improper coat (F/IC) is a F1 Goldendoodle. Furnishings is a dominant gene, so as long as a dog has one copy, they will have visible Furnishings (fluffy face). Keep a look out for F1 x F1b, F1 x F1, and F1b x F1b breedings, as most will have "Flat" coated puppies in the litter!


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