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About Us.

Where are you located?

We are located in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah.

What is your adoption process?

You can learn more about our adoption process at the link below.

What is your guarantee?

Each of our puppies come with a LIFETIME guarantee that covers over 100 genetic diseases! We also give you 30-DAYS of free puppy health insurance through Trupanion, just in case any accidents happen those first few weeks with your puppy. See what is covered in our guarantee at the link below.

Which payment methods do you take?

We accept Venmo, PayPal Friends & Family, Credit/Debt Cards (fees apply), and mailed cashier's checks (if your puppy is under 4 weeks of age). No spots on the waiting list or available puppies will be reserved without payment!

The deposit to get on the waiting list is $250 and non-refundable. Deposits show us your commitment to getting one of our puppies and holds your place on the waiting list. Please do not commit to the waiting list or an available puppy if you are unsure you want a puppy or are not ready for one. Any and all payments towards deposits and puppies are considered retainers and are non-refundable under any circumstances.

How do you raise your puppies?

We take what we do seriously and are very intentional in the way we raise our puppies! ​Each litter of puppies grows up in a nursery in our living room. This exposes them to every day family living and the noises and sounds that are associated with that, as well as frequent contact with us. Every puppy also receives one-on-one socialization and training from the day they are born until they day they leave our home. We use the Early Neurological Stimulation protocol which has been proven to give puppies a greater resistance to stress and disease, stronger heart rates and stronger heart beats, along with a stronger adrenal system.


In this way, we succeed in raising incredibly lovable Doodles with the calmest temperaments and best temperaments. The puppies spend their days playing in the house, socializing with adults and children, and exploring outside. We also start potty training early, teaching them to use potty pads at just 3 weeks of age. Our families have told us their puppies rarely have potty accidents when they get to their new homes when kept on a schedule!

How are your parent dogs raised and where do they live?

Our dogs live freely with us in our homes as family members, so you won't find any kennels here! Each our mamas only has a max of 4 litters so they can retire early and enjoy their life with their forever family. We want all of our dogs to have as much space and freedom as they want, and they enjoy going on walks, swimming in lakes, camping, traveling, and much more with our families. You will always find them curled up on the couch or in bed with us!


We only have a small number of dogs and never have more than one litter at a time in the same home. This allows us to give each puppy all the love, attention, and socialization they need and deserve and helps them to become the best family pets they can be. It is unfair to the puppies to divide our full attention to multiple litters at once, and cuts the time for love, attention, and socialization for each puppy when there is more than one litter at a time. I don't know how big kennels with multiple litters at once can do it properly and do right by their parent dogs and puppies!

Do you health test your parent dogs?

Of course we do! Genetic screening of the moms and dads for inherited diseases should be an integral part of any breeding program. Although it's extremely costly, Posh Doodles voluntarily chooses to screen all of our dogs (over 100 genetic tests per dog plus additional coat and color testing) prior to breeding because we know that screening our parents is crucial in producing happy and healthy puppies. Please be responsible and only purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder who health tests their dogs prior to breeding.

About Goldendoodles.

What size and generation can Goldendoodles come in?

Goldendoodles can come in Teacup, Miniature, and Medium/Standard sizes. We specially breed only Teacup and Miniaute sized Multi-generational Goldendoodles. Our Teacup Goldendoodle puppies are mature at 4 to 18 pounds full grown, the smallest size Goldendoodles can come in. Our Mini Goldendoodles are mature at 18 to 35 pounds full grown, the second smallest size.


Multi-generational (MulitGen) means there are at least three generation of Goldendoodles in a puppy's pedigree. MultiGen Goldendoodles are the best generation for allergy sufferers, since we can accurately trace the lineage and non-shedding qualities of our puppies' parents and grandparents. Many puppies in our program are second or third generation Posh Doodles', meaning we owned their parents and/or grandparents. We even owned some of our puppies great-grandparents! Our Goldendoodle puppies are all non-shedding and hypoallergenic, qualities that come from the poodle side.


4-18 lbs


18-35 lbs


35 lbs +

Do Goldendoodles make good family pets?

Yes, absolutely! In general, these intelligent dogs make excellent companions and respond beautifully to training. Goldendoodles are happy and have amazing dispositions, are happy-natured, and even-tempered. We socialize our puppies with children before they go home with you.

What colors and markings do Goldendoodles come in?

Most Goldendoodles are on the red spectrum of color (red to cream). Goldendoodles can also have white markings, called Parti (white with colored spots) or Tuxedo/Abstract (colored with with white markings). Here are examples of color and markings.






About Our Puppies.

Do your puppies come up to date on shots and michrochipped?

Your puppy will receive their first set of vaccinations at 6-7 weeks of age and will be dewormed multiple times before going home. Your puppy's next set of shots will be due between 9-10 weeks of age at your vet. We recommend not taking your puppy to public places where there have been dogs unknown to you until they have finished their vaccination schedule with your vet.

We recommend a vet wellness visit within 48-72 hrs of your puppy coming home so your vet can make sure your puppy has arrived in good health.

We do not microchip our puppies before they go home for a few reasons:

  • Many people don’t change over the registration into their name once the puppy goes home. If your dog ever became lost, they would be registered to you and/or your vet- who would have your current contact details and have the best chance of locating you.

  • Puppies grow very quickly in their first 6 months of life. When you microchip a young puppy the placement of the chip often moves as the puppy grows. We recommend having your puppy receive their microchip during spay/neuter at 6 months of age so the chip will be in the right spot at adulthood.

Do your puppies come with breeding rights?

All Posh Doodles' puppies are exclusively sold as PETS ONLY without breeding rights!! Our puppies are not sold to people for breeding purposes. We have taken a long time perfecting our lines and do not share them with just anyone who has the money to pay for them. However, we are happy to work with other breeders, especially new ones just starting out!


Please contact us before placing a deposit if you want breeding rights! If we find out you have the intentions to breed your puppy before you take them home and we have not given you breeding rights, your deposit will be forfeited and you will not be getting your puppy from us. If we find out you plan to or have bred your puppy after taking them home, your dog and any puppies produced will be confiscated as stated in the puppy contract.

How can I get my puppy home if I live out of state?

There are three ways to get your new puppy home:


1. Pick your puppy up from us at our home.

2. Meet us at the airport and fly home with your puppy as carry-on on your flight. (most popular option)

3. Arrange for a flight nanny to fly with your puppy to meet you in person at a US airport near you. This generally costs $500-$550 depending on the nanny. We have our own flight nanny that can usually take our puppies. If she is booked, we like to use!

We do not ship our puppies in cargo! We work very hard to ensure their confidence, adaptability, and easygoing nature and would hate to break that trust and confidence that our puppies have gained in the first 8 weeks of their lives.


Whichever way you choose, we are very experienced in helping our babies travel to their new homes, and will be happy to work with you any way we can! If you decide to fly your puppy with you or use a puppy nanny other than our own, please make sure you contact us before booking your puppy's flight home to make sure we can make the drop off time work for us.

Do you require my puppy to be fed a special food or supplement after going home?

We do NOT require you buy a specific food or health supplements to have this lifetime guarantee like many other breeders do. Health does NOT come from special expensive foods or supplements!!! It DOES comes from health tested parents and good breeders who do the best for their puppies!

This includes foods and supplements like Life's Abundance, PAWTREE, NuVET, and many more companies which are MLMs, and make these other breeders extra thousands of dollars each month you buy these food/supplements. Many breeders make you use one or more to even your puppy health guaranteed!! Please be wary of these breeders that promote these companies!

Here is an expert from an email from one of these MLMs that contacted ME: "... I work with many well known Doodle breeders whom love [name removed] and add $15k+ to their annual revenue.  Once they start they always wish they had done so sooner.  ... "


This is only one example of the many emails I have received from these MLM companies. We don't breed and raise our puppies to just try to make extra money off of our families every month for the lifetime of your puppy, we do it because we love it and it is our passion!

What happens if I can't bring my puppy home on pick up day?

We do our best to work with different schedules and try to be flexible with puppy pick up arrangements. If you cannot pick up your puppy within a three day grace period after pick up day, we can board your puppy at our home for you. The cost to board your puppy is $45/day for up to 5 days past the initial three day grace period. Boarding fees must be paid IN CASH at pick up, and go home arrangements must be made no later than 5 weeks of age.

Other FAQS.

Do you guarantee the adult size of your puppies?

Most definitely not! We wish we could see into the future, but just like with children, you cannot predict adult height/weight. We do make our best educated guess as to what your puppy will weigh based off of our years of experience, what the parents weigh, what past puppies have weighed, and what grandparents weighed. Very rarely does a puppy weigh more than it's parents. We are almost never off by more than a pound or two in our guesses, and most often it's for puppies that have ended up smaller than we thought they would be.


Size at birth does affect adult size, since litter size affects the size of the puppies when they are born. This is because the more puppies there are in a litter, the less room they have to fit in mom's uterus so the puppies are smaller, and vice versa. Smaller litters = larger puppies at birth; larger litters = smaller puppies at birth.


At seven to nine months old, Teacup Goldendoodle should be their adult size. We have found once your puppy is about 3-4 months old you can chart their adult weight at Just choose any breed like poodle (they do not have a Goldendoodle option) and follow the directions. The breed does not change the outcome of the results! We have found this website to be pretty accurate.

Can I visit the parents and puppies before I place a deposit?

We want to give families the opportunity to get to know us and see what we are all about, and we try to do that as much as we can through our website and communications with you. I’m proud of the love and care that we show our dogs. Unfortunate, in our world today there are so many dangers to allowing strangers in your home. We do our best to show the pups to families but we have several factors to consider.

•  Health concerns for the puppies: including parvo, giardia, and coccidia.

•  Puppy theft has become a real problem recently.

•  We have far too many families wanting to meet the parent dogs or puppies before placing a deposit.

First issue: Mothers and fathers for each litter don't live in the same home, making it almost impossible for families to come meet both parents at once. 

Second issue: We are real families with a real lives. We have kids which means homework, school, dinner, and family activities. We cannot have the 10+ families that contact us daily wanting to meet parents and puppies before placing a deposit come meet the puppies.

•  These puppies are not ours to risk. They belong to families that are taking them home.

Once the pups are born, we will send new professional photos bi-weekly so you can see your puppy. We can also send more photos and video to you, just let us know!

Only families with deposits placed that are adopting a puppy from us can come visit us, on pick day to choose their puppy. We cannot accept other visitors. Families MUST NOT visit any places on the same day that may have had other dogs visit them (parks, pet stores, vets offices, etc). You MUST take off your shoes before entering our home and wash your hands before handling the puppies to avoid spread of disease. If you bring children with you, they must sit on the floor and hold the puppies in their laps. Thank you for understanding. Our puppies always come first!!


What are furnishings?

Sooo many breeders do not even know what this gene is, even though it is an integral part to any Doodle program! Breeders that do not know about this gene are the ones that breed puppies that look more like Golden Retrievers than Doodles (AKA a "Flat" coated puppy). These are the Doodles that shed terribly and don't have that signature "Doodle" face and look.


In Goldendoodles, the IC-Locus (furnishings) determine if a Goldendoodle will be able to have puppies with fluffy 'teddy-bear' faces. The "F" gene is the furnishing gene, and the "IC" gene is the improper coat gene. A good example of a fully furnished (F/F) dog would be a Poodle. A good example of an improper coat (IC/IC) dog is a Golden Retriever. A good example of a carrier for improper coat (F/IC) is a F1 Goldendoodle. Furnishings is a dominant gene, so as long as a dog has one copy, they will have visible furnishings (fluffy face). Keep a look out for F1 x F1b, F1 x F1, and F1b x F1b breedings, as most will have "Flat" coated puppies!