Posh Doodles only wants the best life for our parent dogs and puppies. We think every dog should have the individual attention and care from a family environment! To ensure that every dog is given the attention and care that only a family can offer, we offer a Guardian/co-ownership Program where qualified families can love and care for one of our dogs, while we retain breeding rights for up to four litters, after which the mama is spayed and retires with her family.


Guardian families are expected to care for their Guardian dog physically and financially. We will cover all costs associated to breeding and testing, while the Guardian raises the litters in their home under our supervision and gets compensated to do so.

Guardian families must:

  1. Own a car and own a home with a fenced yard

  2. Have previous experience with owning a dog or have adequate knowledge of caring for a dog

  3. Be able to detect a heat cycle and keep females away from intact male dogs during this time (we will teach you about this)

  4. Not have any other intact dogs in the home

  5. Provide the dog with proper health care, nutrition, and exercise

  6. Properly train and socialize the dog

  7. Drive the dog to and from the stud dog's home for breeding and puppies to the vet and airport 

  8. Take the dog to the vet for its annual vaccines and whenever else needed (including breeding related visits)

  9. Commit to being a Guardian for up to 5 years



Our parent dogs and their pups get the individual and undivided love and attention that they deserve.  There is never any need for us to kennel our parent dogs and puppies like other many breeders.  Our parent dogs are a part of the family, going on family trips, hiking, camping, swimming, and more!  Our puppies are raised in our living rooms and bedrooms at the heart of our home, not in a separate room away from us or out of the home in a garage or kennel. Our parent dogs retire with their forever family after their time in our program is complete.  It's without a doubt the best option available for a dog that is a part of a breeding program!


Our Guardians get a puppy from us at a low cost, and are compensated for being a part of our program. Our Guardians are the heart of our Posh Doodle's family, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them! We also love that we are able to help many people this program and made so many friends along the way! This is such an amazing experience for our families with children too, as they get to help raise and socialize the puppies from day 1! We have provided a great extra source of income for people like stay-at-home parents, single moms, families that have experience a job loss, and other amazing families.


Last but not least, we get to expand our program in an ethical, loving way.  This allows us to provide more wonderful families with one of our amazing high-quality puppies, all without sacrificing the quality time and care that each parent dog and their puppies needs and deserves to become properly socialized, loving, happy, healthy adults! 


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